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As you all know that we are gearing up for one of the most anticipated concerts of this year! And to pull together an event of this scale, a lot of dedication, assisstance, cooperation and skill is required. We are happy to announce that we have decided to officially start recruiting brand promoters, ushers, activators and other personnel, collectively referred to as “volunteers”, from across the country, to help us organize our upcoming event. If you are interested in becoming a part of Team Xirconium, then this page, and the following information, might be useful to you.

To become a prospective volunteer, you must do the following:

  • 1.Create a Xirconium Account, just like everyone else. Click here.
  • 2.Verify your email, login and fully complete your Personal Information, as instructed. Click here.
  • 3.Send us an email at with your full Personal Information (in text format only).
  • 4.Although not mandatory, we highly recommend you to submit your professional CV. It would help your application tremendously if you could manage to highlight your leadership and co-working skills, especially skills that are useful in social and hospitality envornments. Email us your CV at
  • 5.Maintain an active email address and mobile number so that we can contact you, should you be selected.

From a pool of applicants, we shall select a Top 20, or more, who we think would be best suited for the job, based on their skills, experience, education and dexterity.

As an official volunteer for the ARNOB – Hariye Jaini Tobu… concert, you will have certain responsibilities, before, during and after the event. Such instructions will be communicated with you via email or telephone, once we have successfully evaluated your application.

If you’ve made it this far, then you might aswell consider a volunteering position for this show. Therefore, the above-mentioned are the basic criteria of what is initially ncessary on your part. Please note, that based on our requirement, we will update this page from time to time. We thank you for your interest and wish you all the best!